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I created a new action called Single to facilitate opening single kaiten panels by accessing a URL. In order to use it, you have to specify the action, the action parameters and an optional kTitle. For example, to directly open mapping tool with specified parameters, you can access


This will redirect to:


which is essentially the same. The added value is that you can type the url without worrying about escaped characters in the url.

Cross domain requests

I created a CrossDomainPage action to use for cross domain AJAX requests in the browser. It gets a URL in the url parameter, makes a request to that URL and copies the results to the crossdomain.jsp (through the html attribute).

You can make a cross domain request from the browser by using the Mint2.crossDomainPage function like this:

Mint2.crossDomainPage("", function(response) {
    // This is a callback that gets the results in the response variable

PS. I thought I needed it for the documentation functions, but I didn’t use it after all. If we ever need such a functionality, we can build on that.