Deploy mint2 on oreo


I made the following changes on oreo in order to support mint2 deploy there.

  • 1. I created a keypair with ssh-keygen in /root/.ssh/ named id_gitlab_deploy. The private key has NO PASSPHRASE, so please don’t use the publick key anywhere, where security is essential.
  • 2. I configured this to be an identity of the root in the .ssh/config file.
  • 3. In /usr/local/tomcat-projects/ I created a git subdir and cloned the mint2 repository from gitlab with git clone
  • 4. In the gitlab instance I added the public key as deploy key to the project mint2.
  • In order to update mint2 clone you need to be root and to perform a git pull inside the mint2 directory. The typical build and deploy stuff from the svn version should still work, we will transfer it, when everybody is on board with this.