Schema changes in new version


The schema has undergone some changes to accomodate some requirements of the euscreenxl project. Until now, a Publication was understood to be information attached to a DataUpload object and could only contain some status, a time and an item count. This was not very rich information. The logic of the Publication was (and is) part of the customization for a project.

For euscreenxl it was necessary to have 2 ways to export information to an outside system, and this was not easily put into the current schema. So it was decided to extract the Publication information from the Dataset (DataUpload) and shift it into its own record, the PublicationRecord. Apart from status, time and count information, this now contains links to the original Dataset (a DataUpload for the time being) and the actual version of the dataset that was published.

Code was adjusted as far as humanly possible to be still compatible, but in order to use the new functionality to the fullest, some parts might have to be rewritten. The updateSchema script will transfer information from the Dataset table into the PublicationRecord table, but since it doesn’t know which Dataset was actually send away, it uses the original Dataset for this field.

Further changes to the schema include the removal of the now defunct NodeIndex and related tables, code and Objects.

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