EUscreenXL publication


The EUscreenXL project differs in Publication respect from other projects, as it publishes to 2 different external places and lets the user decide which data he wants to prepare for which way.

1) The data for the “core collection” has to be prepared according to the euscreen schema, either uploaded directly in this schema, via mapping, or directly through annotation with the build in annotator. The Publication option for this is available on a data upload once there is a derived dataset in the correct schema with valid items in it. The unpublish option is available once there is a PublicationRecord available for the configured core collection schema dataset.

During publish, every item gets an euscreenId by means of md5( orginialId + providername ). This is added into the euscreenId fields in the xml ( so the transformed xml is modified!). This modified xml is then queued to be send via http post request to a noterik server (configured in the

2) The data for “europeana aggregation” is published and unpublished via our standard method. It should be recorded in a PublicationRecord as well.