mint deployment walk through

For example the name of the mint2 instance would be “demo”.

Database creation

In postgres for example in the server panic.

Execute the lines :

$:sudo su – postgres

$:psql -p 5433

postgres=# create user demo password 'demo' login;


at  the console type:

$:createdb -U postgres -p 5433 -E UTF-8 --lc-collate=C --lc-ctype=C -T template0 -O demo demo


login again as demo.

Its helpful to be in the directory with the createSchema.sql file.

$:psql -p 5433 -h localhost demo demo

demo=> create language plpgsql

demo=>\i createSchema.sql
demo=> alter schema mint2 rename to demo
That should setup the schema!


Mint Customizations

Create a new directory mint2/custom/demo/images and paste the logo.png of the mint instance (it has to be named logo.png).

Create a new directory called “demo” inside the mint2/WEB-INF/custom directory.

Copy the java and jsp folders of an existing project and paste them there . Edit the mint/WEB-INF/custom/demo/java/ according to the project requirements.

Create a new directory called “demo@oreo” inside the mint2/WEB-INF/deploy directory. Copy deploy.xml, and from an existing project and paste them there.

Edit the deploy.xml files inside the “mint2/WEB-INF/deploy/ demo@oreo” directory accordingly.


Commit and deploy .

In tomcat deployment folder create a new demo_deploy script accordingly. Run the script and try it.

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